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The most commonly used thrash can/bin is synonymous with residential waste management. However we do much more than that. We work hard to commit ourselves on a contractual basis with local councils for waste collection and also offer rentals and sales of open skips for the safe disposal of unwanted waste. 

Thrash Cans/Bins

We offer a wide variety of thrash bins ranging from 120 liters, 240 liters and 1100 liters for rent and for sale.

30707 (1).png
3 Yard and 6 Yard Skip (Open Skip)

​Probably one of the most commonly hired skips in the Maltese islands. They are commonly used on building/construction sites, and are also regularly hired by domestic clients. Thee types of skips are ideal for moderate amounts of waste.

IMG-20220928-WA0014 (1).png

Hook Loader Skip
These types of skips are ideal for large construction sites or for industrial purposes where there is a large amount of debris and waste.

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